18 regions of Somalia and Somalia Map

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

  1. Somaliland

  2. Puntland

  3. Galmudug

  4. Hirshabelle

  5. South West 

  6. Jubbaland

  7. Banadir

18 regions of Somalia - Somalia is officially divided into eighteen (18) administrative regions which in turn are subdivided into ninety (90) districts.

What are the 18 regions of Somalia?

Somalia Map

There are currently eighteen regions ( 18 Regions of Somalia)

  1. Awdal

  2. Bakool

  3. Banadir

  4. Bari

  5. Bay

  6. Galgaduud

  7. Gedo

  8. Hiiraan

  9. Lower Juba

  10. Lower Shabelle

  11. Middle Juba

  12. Middle Shebelle

  13. Mudug

  14. Nugal

  15. Sool

  16. Sanaag

  17. Togdheer

  18. Waqooyi Galbeed

18 Regions of Somalia, Capitals, Population and Area

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