Next Stop Mogadishu - New Mall in Somalia's capital - Caasimada - Muqdisho - Somger

After years of civil war and battling Al Shabaab militants Somalia seems to be putting itself back together. Commercial activity and retail business are thriving in #Somalia, the country is on its way to economic recovery.

Rayan Business Center, The new mall in Hodan district #Mogadishu Somalia. Mogadishu was described as the "White Pearl" is because of its history as a beach resort for Italians and other Europeans, with luxury hotels on beautiful beaches. The origins of "White Pearl" term can be traced back to 1892 when Ali Bin Said, the fourth caliphate of Zanzibar, leased Mogadishu to the Italians.

#SomaliaGains2020 #SomG20

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