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Garowe is situated in northeastern Somalia, in the heart of the Puntland region. Nearby settlements include to the east Gillab (4.8 nm), to the northeast Qalqalooc (15.3 nm), to the north Libaax Seexay (2.5 nm), to the northwest Geida Debabo (12.2), to the west Bixin (5.9 nm), to the southwest Lugo (6.0 nm), to the south Salaxley (5.3 nm), and to the southeast War Weytan (9.7 nm).

The largest cities in the country most proximate to Garowe are Qardho (205 km), Galkayo (216 km) and Erigavo (275 km). Shimbiris, the highest peak in Somalia, is located some 293 km to the northwest in the Cal Madow mountain range.


Garoowe has most rated Hotels, Gust Houses, Apartment, Resorts and relaxing places for rich people holds ceremonies, windings and travel and Tourism lovers meet including Grand Hotel, Rayaan park Hote and Jubba Hotel .

Garoowe City Population

Garoowe has estimated its Population 190,000 residents one of the most populated city in Puntland except Boosaaso and Galkacyo and it is where most Puntaland Parliament building, Ministerial Places and even the Presidential palace  absolutely currently working in Garoowe.

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