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Somalia is a destination that surprised me from beginning to end! In october of 2019 I spent 21 days backpacking around the country and had the best time ever. The itinerary includes: Mogadishu Beach (Liido Beach) Jazeera Beach, Lamadaya Waterfall ( Calmadow) Gobweyn Beach ( Near kismayo´) Warshiikh Beach, Barawe Beach, Adale Beach (Cadale) Eyl Beach, Kismayo Beach, Xabo Beach.

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Somalia's coastline consists of the Gulf of Aden to the north, the Guardafui Channel to the northeast, and the Somali Sea to the east. There is a longcoastlineof about 3333 km the longest on mainland Africa. Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia is situated on eastern coast of Somalia.

What are the best places to visit in Somalia? This list of 10 destinations will help you start planning your trip.

With bustling cities, pristine beaches, colorful hill towns, ancient ruins, and natural wonders, Somalia is the gift that keeps on giving for travelers. Unfortunately, many skip Somalia entirely thanks to its less than stellar reputation.

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1. Best Places to Visit in Somalia.

Lamadaya waterfal

Lamadaya, are waterfalls that are located in the Cal Madow mountain range in the northern Sanaag region of Somalia. The meaning of the word in the Afro-AsiaticSomali language is "not to be looked at", owing to the waterfalls' steep incline atop a high hill. The nearest town to Lamadaya is Ulheed, which is situated towards the Red.

2. Best Places to Visit in Somalia.

Gobweyn Beach and River, Where Jubba river meets Indian Ocean.

Goobweyn town in the southern Lower Juba (Jubbada Hoose) region of Somalia.It is one of the best beautiful beaches in Somalia, Where Jubba river meets Indian Ocean. its so colored, stunning nature and fresh Indian Ocean with magnificent views.

3. Best Places to Visit in Somalia.

Warshiikh: An important historical Islamic center

Warsheikh (Somali:Warsheekh, Arabic:وأرشيخ‎) is a town in the southeastern Middle Shabelle (Shabeellaha Dhexe, Hirshabelle) region of Somalia. An important historical Islamic center, it is situated on the coast north of Mogadishu.

Warsheikh is the northernmost of the Banaadir towns. It is the capital of the Warsheikh District.

An early Muslim center in southern Somalia, Warsheikh was one of the principal settlements of the Sultanate of Mogadishu during the Middle Ages. The town has an old mosque situated near a cape, which features an inscription noting its construction in 1278H (1861-1862 CE) by Sheikh Abu Bakr b. Mihzar b. Ahmad al-Kasadi.

The masjid has three rows of transverse, east-west piers, and a foliate mihrab. It also has attached chambers, with the Sheikh's tomb situated in an adjacent room.

During the Middle Ages, Warsheikh and much of the surrounding area in southern Somalia was governed by the Ajuran Sultanate. The town later came under the administration of the Hiraab Sultanate in the late 17th century after the collapse of the powerful Ajuran Empire. At the turn of the 20th century, Warsheikh was incorporated into the Italian Somaliland protectorate. After independence in 1960, the city was made the center of the official Warsheikh District.

Over the course of three archaeological expeditions in Warsheikh between 1920 and 1921, Enrico Cerulli uncovered coins from the medieval Sultans of Mogadishu. They were deposited in the Scuola Orientale of the University of Rome, but were later lost in World War II. According to Cerulli, similar coins were found in the village of Mos (Moos), located about 14 km to Warsheikh's northwest. Freeman-Grenville (1963) also record another discovery of ancient coins in the latter town

4. Best Places to Visit in Somalia.

Mogadishu: The Little Italy and the white pearl of the indian ocean, Where to Stay?

Mogadishu features some of the best beaches in Somalia. But sugar sand beaches and turquoise water, is not all that Mogadishu has going for itself, it is also home to one of the most picturesque ruins in Somalia. The ruins are situated on a tall cliff, on the coast of the indian ocean.


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Mogadishu, also known as the “White Pearl of the Indian Ocean” has been a prosperous city state since medieval times. From the tribal era, towards sultanate rules, Italian Imperialism, Republic and Civil War, even inch of Mogadishu is full of stories and myths, awaiting you to unveil. The trashed US war machines are still lying in the city (see also the movie “Black Hawk Down”), relics from the sultanate can still be seen and visited, and the Italian colonial buildings are still living inside Mogadishu.

5. Best Places to Visit in Somalia.

Habo Beach, Cape of Spices

Habo (Somali:Xaabo,Arabic:حابو‎) is a small town in the Bari province of the autonomous Puntland region in northeastern Somalia.

Habo is located in the Alula District in the vicinity of the Guardafui Channel. It lies between the towns of Alula and Qandala. In antiquity, a cape to the east of Habo was known as the Cape of Spices, described in the 1st century CE Greek travelogue the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea. Habo was an important town for the ancient cinnamon and spice trade route. The town sustained damage from Italian bombardment during the Campaign of the Sultanates against the coastal regions in the late 1920s.

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6. Best Places to Visit in Somalia.

Kismayo Beach

Kismayo (Somali: Kismaayo; Arabic: كيسمايو‎, Kīsmāyū; Italian: Chisimaio) is a port city in the southern Lower Juba (Jubbada Hoose) province of Somalia. It is the commercial capital of the autonomous Jubaland region.

The city is situated 528 kilometres (328 miles) southwest of Mogadishu, near the mouth of the Jubba River, where the waters empty into the Somali Sea. According to the United Nations Development Programme, the city of Kismayo had a population of around 89,333 in 2005.

During the Middle Ages, Kismayo and its surrounding area was part of the Ajuran Empire that governed much of southern Somalia and eastern Ethiopia, with its domain extending from Hobyo in the north, to Qelafo in the west, to Kismayo in the south.

In the early modern period, Kismayo was ruled by the Geledi Sultanate and by the later 1800s, the Boqow dynasty. The kingdom was eventually incorporated into Italian Somaliland in 1910 after the death of the last sultan, Osman Ahmed. After independence in 1960, the city was made the center of the official Kismayo District.

Kismayo was the site of numerous battles during the civil war, from the early 1990s. In late 2006, Islamist militants gained control of most of the city. To reclaim possession of the territory, a new autonomous regional administration dubbed Azania was announced in 2010 and formalized in 2011. In September 2012, the Somali National Army and AMISOM troops re-captured the city from the Al-Shabaab insurgents.

The Juba Interim Administration was subsequently officially established and recognized in 2013.

7. Best Places to Visit in Somalia.

Adale Beach ( Cadale)

Adale District (Somali:Cadale; Italian:Adalei or Itala), also known as Cadaley, is a coastal town in the southern Middle Shabelle (Shabeellaha Dhexe,) region of Somalia. Adale is the only notable urban coastal feature of the State of Hirshabelle, with a coastline that faces the Somali Sea.

Hirshabelle State is bordered by Galmudug to the north, South West State of Somalia and Banadir region to the south, Ethiopia to the west and the Somali Sea to the east.

During the pre-independence period in Italian Somaliland, the city was chosen by Vincenzo Filonardi as the headquarters of his newly created "Somalia italiana"

On 3 October 2014 the town was liberated from the jihadist terrorist group Al-Shabaab by the Somalia National Army and AMISOM forces. Al-Shabaab had occupied the town for several years. According to AMISOM-sources Al-Shabaab did not mount any resistance because they had lost support from the public in Adale.

8. Best Places to Visit in Somalia.

Jazeera Beach

Jazeera Beach (also known as Gezira Beach) is a beach which overlooks the Somali Sea near the city of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

Here, thousands of people gather to relax on weekends as part of Somali seagoing culture. The Jazeera Beach just a few kilometres south of the capital has gained popularity with the returning diaspora with hotels, restaurants, and boat riding springing up everywhere. This employs hundreds of youth and stimulates both the local tourism industry and the economy.

9. Best Places to Visit in Somalia.

Barawe Beach, Nickname(s): Brava Ierè

Barawa, also known as Barawe and Brava, is the capital of the South West state of Somalia. It functions as a port town in the southwestern Lower Shebelle region of Somalia. Facing the Somali Sea, Barawa serves as the main port of the South West State. Bilal of Barawa makes up 10% of the population of Barawa. Quite sad .

At its height, Barawa was at its golden age from the Arab and Swahili influence and trading commerce with its neighboring states.The city became a commercial power in the Indian Ocean- so much so that arab merchants from the city visited China as early as the 15th century. These envoys travelled in the ships of the renowned "trasure fleet" of admiral Zheng He, and they returned to Africa several years later during another of Zheng He's voyages. In 1430, Barawa was one of only 18 western ports mentioned by name in an imperial decree that was issued by the Xuande Emperor, it was named as Pu-la-wa, 不喇哇).

In the early modern period, Barawa was ruled by the Geledi Sultanate. Eventually, in 1910, Barawa was ceded to the control of Italy when the Geledi Sultanate was forced to agree to the annexation of all the Banadir ports to the Italian Company already established in the Horn of Africa after the 1910 death of the last Sultan Osman Ahmed. But the Italians faced stiff resistance from many parts of the Banadir coast.

The inland regions and the trade of the Somali merchants would remain unchallenged in their independence for years to come.

Sheikh Uways al-Barawi organised an Ikhwaan and led the Banadir revolt, but it was crushed by Portuguese forces in 1908.

10. Best Places to Visit in Somalia.

Eyl, the site of many historical artifacts

Eyl (Italian:Eil) is an ancient port town in the northeastern Nugal province of Somalia in the autonomous Puntland macro-region, it is the center of the Eyl District.

Eyl is the site of many historical artifacts and structures. Along with a rock shelter in the southern town of Buur Heybe, it is the seat of the first professional archaeological excavation in the country.

Mohammed Abdullah Hassan's historic Daarta Sayyidka Dervish fort in Eyl.

At the turn of the twentieth century, the city served as a bastion for the Dervish forces of Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan ("Mad Mullah"). Several forts remain from this period, in addition to colonial edifices built by the Italians.

Following the outbreak of the civil war in the early 1990s, foreign trawlers began to illegally fish in the unpatrolled waters off of Eyl's coastline. Piracy subsequently emerged, as fishermen banded together to protect their livelihood. However, by 2010, intensive security operations by Puntland military forces coupled with community-led initiatives managed to force out the pirates from their operating centers in the hamlet as well as adjacent settlements.

In March 2012, the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) dispatched a unit of officers and support elements to Eyl at the request of the municipal authorities. The move was intended to ensure permanent security in the area and to support the local administration.

To this end, PMPF soldiers were slated to establish a Forward Operating Base (FOB) in the town earmarked for counter-piracy activities, to begin construction of a logistics airstrip, and to engage in water-drilling. In December 2014, Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali laid the foundation stone for the new PMPF base in Eyl, which occupies an area of 300 square meters on land donated by the municipality.