Verona: A City for Lovers

If you love someone bring them to Verona …

because Verona is the city of love!

Shakespeare had already set here his Romeo and Juliet drama, the most famous and cherished love story of all times. The star-crossed lovers’ places – Juliet’s House with the famous balcony, Juliet’s tomb and Romeo’s House – are among the must-see destinations today.

Millions of visitors have themselves immortalized side by side of the Shakespeare's beloved heroine statue created by artist Nereo Costantini and placed in the courtyard of Juliet's House.

Romeo and Juliet’s myth is the trail of a dream, just as love itself is a dream. Verona enshrines a myth that gently comes alive again across the old squares, through the alleys and courtyards swathed in the half-light. Here it’s easy to fantasize about stories, figures, characters and events of the past.

Verona: such a beautiful city that really makes people fall in love! The winding river Adige bends, the romantic Medieval streets, the thousand evocative glimpses of the city, the music … all these arouse unforgettable emotions ever.

Fall in love with Verona and discover all about the events and the itineraries

Marry me in Verona