What are the best places to visit in Somalia?

Liido Beach Mogadishu

Planning a trip to Somalia and you need to know What are the best places to visit in Somalia?

With the world on pause and sheltered in place, now is the time to dream. Yes, we will travel again—but for now, it's all about wanderlust. Whether you're dreaming of a quick weekend getaway, the ultimate surf, or spending this time at home to dream up the trip of a lifetime, a pristine beach is always a good idea. To get you inspired, here are some of the world's most beautiful beaches: Somalia, Countries in Africa with the Longste Coastlines

Think of Somalia and the country’s rich history is bound to come to mind?

Italian Lighthouse

With bustling cities, pristine beaches, colorful hill towns, ancient ruins, and natural wonders, Somalia is the gift that keeps on giving for travelers. Unfortunately, many skip Somalia entirely thanks to its less than stellar reputation.

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Cheapest flights to Somalia?

Aden Abdulle Airport, Mogadishu

There are more flights to Somalia from Europe than from any other continent. Popular holiday destinations such as Mogadishu, "the white pearl of the indian ocean" Hargeisa, Bosaso, Garowe, Kismayo & jowhar, Mogadishu are well-served from Europe's major cities, even with discount and charter airlines. Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways , Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, and Emirates Airlines have a good selection of European destinations and at least serve a couple of major cities like London, Frankfurt or Paris.

Top 5 Best Airlines to Somalia (SO)

Top 5 Beaches in Somalia

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The Best Somalia Beaches with Video

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